“The traditional law firm model—a pyramidal structure built on billed hours, high rates, and ‘partner tribute’—no longer seems aligned with consumer expectations.”

– Forbes

About Garrett Perdue

About Garrett Perdue

My Dad gave me one piece of advice growing up:
"Son, don't become a lawyer." So, naturally, that's exactly what I did.

My legal career started in the land use litigation section at one of the top law firms in the Southeast where I was surrounded by brilliant legal minds. After a few years, I left the firm to join a boutique commercial real estate company to learn business fundamentals and the art of the deal. That company was sold to one of the largest real estate companies in the world. Mission complete, I returned to my previous law firm’s economic development practice to negotiate government grants tied to job creation and capital investment. Along the way I was hired by a consortium of Asian companies that sought to design, build, finance and operate major US infrastructure projects. That led me to opportunities to work all over the world on projects of all types. From there, Perdue Law was born.

Perdue Law was founded to re-imagine how legal services are delivered.

We mold the lean project management processes used in complex commercial real estate transactions with agile software development processes used in the start up world. We then wrap these processes with a mastery of controlling law and alternative engagement structures that bring our interests more in line with our clients

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How We are Different

“Demand for law firm services has been flat for three years and counting while the overall need for legal services has increased steadily. And while about one hundred of the largest law firms recently elevated first-year associate salaries to $180K+, the smart money in the legal sector is investing in technology and service delivery models that meld legal, IT, and process expertise.” -Forbes

Perdue Law works with a consortium of former big firm attorneys who understand there is a better way to practice law. We reject the notion that really good lawyers need to bill thousands of hours annually in six minute increments. We reject the notion that clients are better served by a single firm ecosystem than by project specific legal teams. And we reject the notion that the value and cost of legal work cannot be determined before the work is done. We believe the time has come to lawyer differently—and we do.

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From formation to IPO, an ever expanding suite of software applications is transforming legal service. Partnerships with more than one hundred legal technology companies allow us to offer project based solutions to a variety of common legal issues. It is simple and cost effective.

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