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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language search and an expanding suite of software tools are transforming legal service. Hundreds of legal tech partnerships power Perdue Law’s commitment to modern practice.

We use a simple, automated, software to help our clients identify potential legal issues and minimize business risk. This also helps them realized their business’ full value by capturing and monetizing its assets.

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We use cloud-based software to automate the administrative and repetitive work for intellectual property professionals. This intuitive, easy-to-use software is the fastest and easiest way to prepare, file, and manage IP filings.

We use comprehensive brand protection system to monitor our clients’ trademarks, names and brands online. Our clients access an interactive dashboard and custom reports identifying suspect activity with links to websites, registration information and updates.

We use cutting-edge machine learning technology to review contracts significantly more accurately and efficiently with applications for due diligence, contract management and lease abstraction. The software extracts and summarizes a wide variety of complex legal concepts and other data as they wind their way throughout documents.

We use an artificial intelligence system that mines Big Data to find out which attorneys usually win before which judges.

We use software that provides an organized and customizable diligence checklist and workflow, collaborative document storage and management, and enterprise-grade security to help our clients quickly and efficiently complete due diligence.

Whether it’s setting up a corporation or filing a trademark, creating employment documents or getting general counsel services, our tightly vetted network of experienced attorneys and clear, upfront prices make it easy for entrepreneurs to find the legal services they need at the right price.

We use software that allows our clients to analyze which timekeepers are billing legal time, the matter being worked and the rate for every line item. Then they can make adjustments and either approve an adjusted invoice or reject it back to the law firm.

Technology Enabled

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language search are transforming legal service. Hundreds of legal technology partnerships power our practice.

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